Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sea Shell

Sea Shell - A traditional sea shell was created and has been stylized & carved with different design patterns.

Medium - Clay

Dimension - 14" X 11" X 8"  

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Moods - This was my term project for drawing class (taken at Sinclair Community College, Ohio). The project objective was to select any object and create six different views and present them in the meaningful way. I chose a Teddy Bear for my project. Teddy was presented with six different moods (starting from Left top to Right) – Love, Sadness, Anger, Amazement, Curiosity & Playfulness; portraying Kid's mood. These six moods were then presented as a comic strip poster. Actual (4 feet tall) Teddy Bear doll was used for a reference, the lighting were arranged at different angles, in order to get different tempers. There was restriction of two colors (excluding white) for this assignment. Brown and Black were used for this composition; brown color was the sheds of Tea (boiled at different temperatures to get different color concentrations) and black marker pens were used for shedding.

This was dedicated to my 4 months old Son :)

Dimensions - 18" X 23"

Medium - Black Ink on Water Color Paper. The paper was first tainted with shades of Tea. The digital copy of this work has been edited with the help of Microsoft Paint and Google Picasa 3.0. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Pinch Pot

A Pinch Pot - A pinch pot, which is then carved using combinations of few of my designs. Fired and glazed with glazes Beautiful Brown and Hopper Blue Fish

Medium - Clay

Dimensions - Height 6" and central diameter 3"