Sunday, September 22, 2013

When Left Meets Right

When left meets right - It represents one's self,  fusion of left & right brain. 

The organic shapes with bright shades of red, yellow, white represents characteristics such as creativity, artistry, inspiration, innovation etc. where as he geometric shapes with pale shades of bluish gray represents logic, organizational, decision making skills etc.

Medium - Color Ink

Dimensions - 14" X 17" 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Living Dreams with open Eyes

Mask Project - This is a recent art work. 
As a part of sculpture assignment, we were made to create a mask of any arbitrary person. 

The organic and mathematical circular 
structures around this mask represent ideas and dreams. 

"Living dreams with open eyes" is not just a mask; Its who I am, its who you are.
We all are surrounded by our dreams. But a real dream is the one, which keeps us "awake".

Medium : Clay (Glazed with Red Oxide and Clear)

Dimension: 6" X 11" X 5"

Monday, March 4, 2013

Holding Nature

Holding Nature - For spring semester we had an assignment to make a life size proportional hand. I had used my left hand for the reference :) 

For a little twist, with Sonal' s suggestion; added a small bird residing on top two fingers. (Simply of the hand, since just hand alone was looking incomplete). A small bush and a flower at the bottom of the hand gave a balance to the structure - A hand holding a nature 

Medium - Clay, Glazed

Dimensions - Height - ~ 18" 

The Process - For those who are interested, following are the glimpse of the making of this structure

1. Green ware  - 

The clay was wet at this stage. A Bird, a bush and a flower were added later on (unfortunately did not take pictures of those stages)  

 2. After Brisk Fire

Once the structure was completely dry; it went under a brisk fire, and that made it ready for glazing.  

3. Before Final Fire

White color was a coat of a clear glaze - on the top of blends of different glazes. The piece was finally ready to get glaze fired. The fire causes the magic - a chemical reaction, which transforms dull looking glaze powder in to colorful and shiny coat.

4. After fire - a final product!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Pawns - This is an attempt to use Blender's cycle render engine to create these Chase Pawns. Blender rocks! 
Medium - Blender