Monday, March 4, 2013

Holding Nature

Holding Nature - For spring semester we had an assignment to make a life size proportional hand. I had used my left hand for the reference :) 

For a little twist, with Sonal' s suggestion; added a small bird residing on top two fingers. (Simply of the hand, since just hand alone was looking incomplete). A small bush and a flower at the bottom of the hand gave a balance to the structure - A hand holding a nature 

Medium - Clay, Glazed

Dimensions - Height - ~ 18" 

The Process - For those who are interested, following are the glimpse of the making of this structure

1. Green ware  - 

The clay was wet at this stage. A Bird, a bush and a flower were added later on (unfortunately did not take pictures of those stages)  

 2. After Brisk Fire

Once the structure was completely dry; it went under a brisk fire, and that made it ready for glazing.  

3. Before Final Fire

White color was a coat of a clear glaze - on the top of blends of different glazes. The piece was finally ready to get glaze fired. The fire causes the magic - a chemical reaction, which transforms dull looking glaze powder in to colorful and shiny coat.

4. After fire - a final product!